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Shafik- Archetipi. Le origini del futuro Curated by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle

“Shafik represents a reflection and a philosophy, which appears to be quintessentially Western, and this has been the case ever since his first works, which we cannot analyse here but which nevertheless constitutes something new in the world of European art.”

Arturo Carlo Quintavalle

Nel mezzo del mezzo: Contemporary Art in the Mediterranean - Curated by Christine Macel, Marco Bazzini and Bartomeu Mari

“The Mediterranean, the cradle of myths and exchanges from the beginning of its history, has always been characterized by several elements that have molded the unity we attempt to disclose today through the practices of artists.”

Christine Macel, Marco Bazzini and Bartomeu Mari

MEDHAT SHAFIK - Palmira, 2017, curated by Pietro C. Marani

''Like the destroyed monuments of Palmira, this age will leave the marks of violence and human madness engraved in our mind and in our flash, and the ‘’letters’’ Shafik sends us will go down in history as testifying to the moment in time at which he, and we, became conscious of this, and, of course, as a great artist’s testimony to the most dramatic events of our age.''

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